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 Her Final Moments in the Battle Royale

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PostSubject: Her Final Moments in the Battle Royale   Tue Jan 23 2007, 17:46

That was it.
In a moment everything had changed this "game" wasent just a game anymore
it was real
Crystal looked at her clothes soaked through with blood
his blood and then there was andy's body lying there in front the look of shock horror and pain in his eyes, with of the tip of a hatchet protruding from his forehead Her hatchet she hadent meant to he snuck up on her he startled her and then...
she had been scared it was dark the "players", she knew they in the woods she had heard the gun shots and then he came she had thought he was one of them. is had seemed almost surreal as she whiped around she felt the hatchet make contact with his head heard the terrible noise as it loged itself in his skull the blood flying everywhere all over her body and into her face warm and sticky soaking through her clothes clinging to her skin the sound of his scream cut short by the blow then the thud as he to the ground
And then she saw his face
she couldent beleive what she had done. she had killed her best friend. pain and guilt took over her mind and she began to panic thoughts raced through her mind she hated herself and this wreched game
"how how wil i ever live with myself "
...but she dident have to worry about that for long from the bushes her came the sound of a gunshot and she fell to the ground
her body, lying next to Andy's, their blood mixing in the soil. they had planed to wait it out together and either escape or die with eachother r in the end but that never happened. and as her body lay on the ground there was an almost peacfull look on her face and all she could think was we kept our promise. we died together.

two more teens had fallen victim to the game called Battle Royale


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Ireth of Dorthonion
Ireth of Dorthonion

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PostSubject: Re: Her Final Moments in the Battle Royale   Thu Jan 25 2007, 15:44

oooo awesome!!! I love it, lot of conflict... and... BLOOD!!! yay for bloddy endings ^^
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Her Final Moments in the Battle Royale
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