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 brn4christ's Graphic Shop

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PostSubject: brn4christ's Graphic Shop   Tue Feb 13 2007, 19:16

Hope you don't mind, but I want to open a graphic shop too. What I need is...

Username: (only if you want it, please tell me.)
If you want a signature, an avatar, or both:
Render: (could be anything like Harry Potter, Full Metal Alchemist, Eragon, Kingdom Hearts, ect. ect.{would appreciate it if you used planetrenders [if you know other render sites, please tell me]} you can have two renders)
Size: (unless you want the sizes I used in my siggys)
Text: (what you want your sig to say)
Text Font: (like Times New Roman, Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, ect. ect.)
Background: (the color you want of your background)

Animation: (So far, I've only learned pulsing)

Anything else: (Borders, sub-text, ect. ect. 'cept I can't do rounded corners. Still trying to learn how to do so)

And that's it! Now, I can only work on four graphics at a time, so after four submissions, wait until i've completed at least one before you request.


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brn4christ's Graphic Shop
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