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 brn4christ's Graphic Shop

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PostSubject: brn4christ's Graphic Shop   brn4christ's Graphic Shop Icon_minitimeTue Feb 13 2007, 19:16

Hope you don't mind, but I want to open a graphic shop too. What I need is...

Username: (only if you want it, please tell me.)
If you want a signature, an avatar, or both:
Render: (could be anything like Harry Potter, Full Metal Alchemist, Eragon, Kingdom Hearts, ect. ect.{would appreciate it if you used planetrenders [if you know other render sites, please tell me]} you can have two renders)
Size: (unless you want the sizes I used in my siggys)
Text: (what you want your sig to say)
Text Font: (like Times New Roman, Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, ect. ect.)
Background: (the color you want of your background)

Animation: (So far, I've only learned pulsing)

Anything else: (Borders, sub-text, ect. ect. 'cept I can't do rounded corners. Still trying to learn how to do so)

And that's it! Now, I can only work on four graphics at a time, so after four submissions, wait until i've completed at least one before you request.

brn4christ's Graphic Shop Signature
brn4christ's Graphic Shop RoxasandAxel
brn4christ's Graphic Shop Soraandriku
brn4christ's Graphic Shop FriendsTilTheEnd
brn4christ's Graphic Shop Vaan
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brn4christ's Graphic Shop
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